Zen Highway

Have you ever realized that the highway isn’t as horrible as many seem to think? Road Rage is a pretty well-known concept, but today, I realized the Highway is actually quite Zen. Let me explain.Today was a day of meetings with business contacts. This implied that I was on the road a lot. My schedule for the day was quite condensed. And if it weren’t for that one appointment where my contact called in sick, I wouldn’t even been able to take a break. But lucky me, I could take a break.

So between two of the meetings, I pulled up on one at a gasstation next to the highway, parked my car on the parking lot and got me a cup of coffee and a newspaper. I found myself a nice little tree to hide from the merciless sun, and enjoyed my break. I drank the coffee and finished my newspaper and realized I still had 15 minutes to spare. So I just sat there, and watched what was going on.

This is when I realized how Zen the Highway actually is.

Meditation Course

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You see, a few years ago, I did this meditation course. One of the important things I learned is that meditation isn’t about clearing your head of all thoughts. Instead, it is about accepting the thoughts, and letting them go. I’ve heard it explained using several metaphores. Some “gurus” speak of the clouds which appear, drift by and then dissappear. Just like thoughts. Others compare thoughts with boats: the sail down a river. First they appear, then they pass, then they dissappear.

Indeed, you guessed it: the same goes for cars on the Highway. As a matter of fact, I think the metaphor is better than clouds or boats. After all, clouds are fluffy and slow. Boats aren’t fluffy, but they are kinda cute, and slow. My thoughts aren’t fluffy, nor cute, and definately not slow. My thoughts rage from one side to another, and appear faster than I can deal with them. So in that sense, the Highway, with cars passing by with a speed of 120+ kmh is a lot more appropriate for me.

Because no matter how much noise the cars make, no matter how fast they drive, they appear and they dissappear. It also doesn’t matter whether these cars are hideous old wrecks, or the newest supercar. Cheap or expensive. They appear, they dissappear.

And so I spent 15 minutes, just watching the cars drive by. Feeling completely at ease. At peace. It was an unexpected meditational moment, sitting there, in the heat, feeling totally One with everything. Feeling blessed at Zen Highway.

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