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Why I haven’t commented on your blogpost…

I am a vivid reader of blogs. And considering I am the kind of guy with an opinion, I like to respond by leaving comments (try it, it’s fun). I am also part of a Facebook group, of which the members visit eachothers’ blogs and leave comments. However, I do not always comment on a blog. And today, I am gonna tell you why.

Two reasons

There are basically two main reasons why I may not have left a blogcomment on your blog. It is either technical, or it is content-related. I am going to start with the “easiest”.

Content related reason for not commenting on your blog

Sometimes, I just have nothing to say about your blog. I try to always ask myself the Three Questions before proposing (attributed to Buddha, and others): Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?

If any of the above is answered with “No”, I prefer not to post, rather than saying something like “Great post”. If I post, I want to say something which shows the writer I’ve read, considered and contemplated his post. If I have nothing to add, I will add nothing. And if I can’t understand the post, I refrain from responding.

Technical reason why I didn’t comment

The other reason I am not commenting is a bit harder to accept for some people. It’s a technical reason. No, I do not mean those situations where the comment form has a bug, or where I cannot even find the comment form. That’s no big deal. I’ll just drop you a line on FB and tell you to fix it.

No, my issue concerns privacy. I only respond when you offer me the possibility to respond in a way which does not help those big-data companies any further than I am helping them already.



Social Media (Image: LoboStudioHamburg – via

Whenever we surf the web, we come across websites which use third-party software. For instance those nice little Facebook-like buttons, Google+ share buttons and AdSense code. All these sites collect the info of visitors and send it to the HUGE datawarehouse.

It is bad enough that they make a profile based on my IP-number. But as this IP is used by several people, I’m not too fussed about it (slightly fussed, yes), the profile they’ll come up with is quite unreliable.

It’s a whole different thing, though, when the comment is linked to my social accounts. I cherish my privacy. I actually have a plugin which blocks all snippets of code which collect personal data (no like buttons for me). My profiles are set to “private”.

Keep it simple, keep it oldschool

I like that my social profiles are separate from other bits I do on the web. Yes, I get profiled. But it’s bad enough as it is without linking social media.

So no, I am not going to comment on your post using my Facebook-account, Google+-account, or any other account. If you won’t provide the oldschool option of responding with no more than name+URL, I won’t be responding.

So please, offer that possibility. It will make life friendlier for your visitors, and really…there’s no reason NOT to do it…


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    fair and smart!

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    Very interesting points raised here.

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    Interesting points…but I’m still gonna keep commenting! 🙂

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    I like!

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