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Most useless invention ever: PetChatz

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that you shouldn’t have a pet (or kids, for that matter) if you don’t have the time to properly take care of them. Some people seem to disagree. And believe it or not, someone has come up with the idea that your pet should be able to call you at work: PetChatz.

Say what?

Yes. Your PET, you know, a dog or cat, should be able to call you at work. I personally never allow ANYONE to call me at work, unless it is some sort of huge emergency, but hey… let’s get a dog, so they can disturb me from work. I’m pretty sure my clients or boss would love that too.

How it works

So yes, now we can call our pet. And our pet can call us. Basically, PetChatz is an video-conferencing tool, with one side being on the phone (the human) and the other in front of a wallmounted camera. This way, you can see and hear your pet and they see and hear you. Makes me wonder when they will come with scent, as this is such an important sense for animals. Oh, and you can also spoil your pet with a treat from work. Wow, what an amazing way of buying off your feeling of guilt for not being their for your animal.


I just can’t

This is beyond me. We spend so much time at work trying to weed out distractions. Youtuber ScottK pretty much summarized how the typical reaction would be:

PetChatz – begging to be blocked (Youtube Screenshot)


I just… I just… can’t express my disbelief that someone thought of this and then didn’t realize what a crap idea it is. Seriously, you must be pretty drunk AND on weed or something to think that this is an idea worth investing in. Right? And yet, PetChatz has a website and everything and is regularly blogging about their product as well. Makes me wonder if people actually buy this stuff.

Can you understand this? Please…. explain it to me. Because I totally do NOT get it…


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