Travel Destinations: Utah

Screenshot of the 3D-photograph, source:

Tell me… what do you think of when you hear the name “Utah”? Personally, my first association is Utah-beach in Normandy, France (D-Day invasion). Next, I think of a girl I once met during a holiday in Spain whose name sounded something like Utah. And after that…

Eh… farmland?

But then I came across this absolutely gorgeous 360-degree photograph, of which I have a small bit included in this post. It made me drop by tripadvisor to see if there’s anything cool to do.

Turns out that Utah is actually a quite exciting place: Base Camp Vernal is a heaven for fossil seekers, with a quarry full of dinosaur bones, it has an amazing canyon (Bryce Canyon, of which I’ve never heard before), it’s got amazing hiking trails and wildwater rivers.

Oh, and of course, the scenery is as WildWest as it can be, so obviously, you’d want to do some horseback riding. I once learned to ride on a cattlefarm in Australia, so doing a Cowboy-tour would combine experiencing a new place with a nice dose of nostalgia.

Yup, I’m sold. I didn’t know this US state was such an amazing place. How on earth could I have missed it? But now I know: I wanna visit Utah someday!

See the full, amazing, 3D-photograph of the Utah Sunset here

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