The electoral gap


Is there a place to go for ALL the voters or is there an electoral gap?

We’ve got elections coming up. Some people use online “voting tools” to help them figure out what to vote. You know, you answer a bunch of questions which were answered by political parties first, and whoever you agree with most comes out as the number 1. Others read the political programmes closely.

I am somewhere in between. I use many sources to figure out which way my vote should go.

The electoral gap

Yesterday, I was chatting with some friends about the upcoming elections and we realized that there seems to be a gap in the political spectrum. Classically, there is a division between “right” and “left”. With just a weeny bit of exaggeration, one could say that lefties want to hug trees, save the planet and welcome refugees. Righties just want everyone to be free to pursue happiness and great fortune and think climate change is a hoax.

But what if you want to welcome refugees, but feel that environmentalism would hurt the economy (and thus the ability to pay for those refugees)? What if you feel the environment needs to be saved, but you really don’t want any more refugees in the country? Then where is the voter to turn to?

What if you don’t believe climate change is a hoax, but also don’t believe in “Wir Schaffen das”?


Electoral gap? Cast your vote carefully

Green Right, or Conservative left?

Isn’t it strange that there is no green-right party? Or a conservative-social party? Well, at least… we don’t have them. It’s getting time someone founds these, because surely -so we agreed over drinks- there’s people who now feel left out.

And that can’t be what democracy is about, right?


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