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Silently saying “Namasté”


Namasté (photo: Pixabay)

Ever since I first tried meditating, I’ve been using Namasté as a greeting when I felt it would be acceptable. I just like this greeting for the deep meaning it has. Namasté means “The spirit in me honors the spirit in you.”. Now that’s a bit different from “Hey, how are’ya.”, right?

When I use this greeting, I usually get a positive response. However, I am not sure whether that is because of the greeting, or because people immediately attach all sorts of associations to the greeting and the greeter. You know: “Oh, if he says this, he must be a buddhist and we all know how all buddhists are awesomely friendly people, so this guy must be friendly”. I don’t mind that people think I am friendly (I try to be), but I am not an actual buddhist (I eat meat, thus violating the first rule of Dhamma, making it impossible for me to be a Buddhist.)

A silent “Namasté”

A friend told me that he always uses Namasté. Not just when he feels it would be accepted. No. Always. His secret: he does so silently. “Whenever I make eye-contact with someone the first time, in my mind, I say ‘Namasté’ to them. This way, I silently acknowledge them for being one with myself”. He continued to tell me that by doing so, he comes to a state of respect which causes everything (body language, expression, tone of voice) to be slightly altered in a way that the other would recognize at a very profound and fundamental level.

So despite them not actually HEARING him say “Namasté”, they do sense the deeper acknowledgement and respect. And they respond to that.

I looked at him and wondered; would this really work? So I set out to try it. For the last few days, everytime I meet someone, whether friend, family or stranger, I take that second to let my spirit greet and see the spirit of the other. So, did it make any difference at all?

Trying out “Namasté”, my impressions

And indeed. It does seem to work. For some odd reason, I am getting more smiles from strangers (or am I just noticing them more?). Situations which could potentially create some tension run smoothly, even filing a complaint somewhere went in a very friendly, calm and peaceful way. We weren’t customer and seller arguing and trying to get our “dues”, we were two people working towards a common solution.

I’m loving this, and I will definately keep doing it!

May I invite you to try it as well? Please, share your observations with a comment! I’d love to hear from you!



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