Searching for joy

It’s been a rough week for me. One in which I not only discovered I am on the wrong track, but also made a first, risky, move to rectify this. Today is saturday. The first saturday in quite a while that I am resisting the urge to get to work.

I sit on the couch and wonder. Is this it? Am I stuck in the rut I’ve been in for the last… how many years? Too many. Just trying to do what is expected of me, and forgetting what matters to myself. So I sit and think. Does this make me happy? Well, no. Not really. So I need to do something else. Like someone said (no clue who): “Build a life you don’t need vacation from”. That sounds good. So what is it that gives me happiness, joy?

Absentminded phone-moment bringing joy

I don’t even realize it, but somehow, my hands find my phone and I access Facebook (again one of those things I waste too much time on). And there, at the top of my timeline is a video. A very old video, actually. From the era when flashmobs were still a “thing”. I’ve seen it before, and it made me smile. But today, it touches me deeply. I am not sure how much she gave that guy, but it was money well spent….so here it is, An Ode to Joy

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