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Sandbox 2.0 – jawdropping, but old news

The sandbox will never be the same again!

You know I like to just visit random websites, right? Well, today I came across a video which…just had me star at the screen. It was jawdropping (literally, I just sat there, my mouth wide open). This video, which is actually already 5 years old, made me wonder what else could be done with this.

So what are we looking at?

We’re looking at an old fashioned sandbox. A wooden box, filled with sand. And some augmented reality. In the words of the creator:  “a sandbox equipped with a Kinect 3D camera and a projector to project a real-time colored topographic map with contour lines onto the sand surface. The sandbox lets virtual water flow over the surface using a GPU-based simulation of the Saint-Venant set of shallow water equations.”

Is this useful at all?

Well..it’s cool to look at, so that’s a good use already. But a tool like this could be the new killer application in education. Not in Kindergarten, where the sandbox is usually most prominent, but think about the possibilities in teaching engineers about the behaviour of water. Or what about simulating the rise of sea levels (which will probably happen faster than we thought)?

Or, the value in games like SimCity, or other games where terrain editors can be used by players to create entirely new game experiences?

Just watch the video below, and let me know: are you just as wow-ed as I am?



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