Political Correctness done incorrectly

I love equal rights. I love transparancy and openess to all. And yes, I think it is a good thing to keep in mind the limitations of some people. But you can also take it too far. For instance this story about English Nation Union of Students (NUS).

Don’t applaud

Basically, in a conference, the organization urged participants NOT to applaud, cheer or “whoop”. Why? Because that would exclude deaf people from participating.


“Delegates at the NUS annual conference in Brighton were encouraged to use “jazz hands” instead of clapping – where students wave their hands in the air – as this is deemed a more inclusive form of expression”, the Telegraph writes: “Estelle Hart, an NUS elections committee member who was chairing a session on Thursday, told students: “No whooping, it does have a serious impact on some delegates ability to access conference.”

The article continues saying that the NUS banned clapping in the past, because it might “cause anxiety”.

Applaud if you agree

Screwed in the head

All nice, but really? Banning perfectly normal behaviour because a single person might get scared? Not allowing people to cheer, because it might hurt the feelings of a deaf person? Perhaps we should all just sit inside, in a nice room, padded with pillows. And maybe we should make EVERYTHING silent, because -who knows- there might be a deaf person in the room.

In all honesty, I’d think that deaf people are actually used to not hearing stuff, but that might be naïve. But even if it hurt them, is it right that everybody should be hurt, just to avoid one persons’ feelings? Eh…nope. That’s not right.

“Critics say that such behaviour is typical of the “snowflake generation” of students, who are seen as over-sensitive and quick to take offence.”

I guess I am a critic. These people should just grow some balls…

Source: The Telegraph

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