Travel Destinations: Utah

Tell me… what do you think of when you hear the name “Utah”? Personally, my first association is Utah-beach in Normandy, F [...]

Mi Bubble es su Bubble…swapping information bubble

Since the rise to power of Donald J. Trump, we’ve all gotten acquainted to fake news and to “information bubbles”. Well, I [...]

Overly sexual: cameltoe and underwear

So, before the sixties, sexuality was a bad thing. Then came the Sexual Revolution, where we went to the other extreme. And now, we live in [...]

Syria: Being friendly has been a challenge the last few days.

I can’t. I just can’t do it anymore. I’ve spentĀ  the last few days frantically NOT writing about tihs topic, but it is ea [...]

Is she stealing his man?

It’s not exactly news, but it is new to me: the hypothesis that “Jolene” is actually a song well ahead of its time. [...]

Man is an outside creature.

It’s strange, but every year around this time, I come to realize something. And every year, it feels like a new insight. Despite the f [...]

Global warming is worse than we thought!

I really don’t like to be a fearmongerer. And I don’t want to be alarmist, but global warming is real. Well, that is probably no [...]

Save the Meme!

Horrifying! Just horrifying! The European Commission is about to introduce new legislation to ensure nobody violates copyright. They intend [...]

Fighting Clutter: A personal victory

Decluttering seems to be the big hype right now. I read about it on facebook. Google the word “Decluttering” and you will find w [...]

Five pointers for Fiverr: How to be madly successful on Fiverr is a good place to make money. But it is also a place of fierce competition. So how can you make sure you stand out from the crow [...]

How to select my next holiday destination: Instagrammability

It’s been spring for almost a week now, and I am SO enjoying it. But it’s also time to prepare for what’s coming next. Bec [...]

Whose job is it?

Ever heard the story of the four people? I’ve read it before, and have heard it told before. Several times, actually. And today, it po [...]
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