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Olympics in Crisis – crossroads to a new beginnings?

olympic-ringsAaah, the Olympics. A few weeks where nothing happens in the world but sports. At least, in the media. Even though I don’t actually care much for sports, I have always felt a warm buzz when the Olympics take place. And it is such a welcome break from the usual misery the news reports shower us with.

But it seems disaster looms.

Bloomberg reports that the Olympics are “in crisis” because Budapest (Hungary) which wanted to host the 2024 games has withdrawn from the race. A local petition urging the authorities to cease their bid has been answered. Signatories looked at earlier Olympiades and realised that cities like Sotchi and Rio de Janeiro spent a fortune to build the facilities for the biggest sports event in the world, only to see it slowly fall to pieces afterwards. For some odd reason, they didn’t feel that this is a good way to spend tax money.

When two Greek inventions clash

So what we have here, it seems, is a clash of the two great inventions the Greece gave to the world. On the one hand have an event where athletes from all over the world compete to determine the Champion. An event which brings nations closer to one another, a celebration of humanity. (Yes, and of commercialism, but that was an add-on not originally intended by the Ancient Greece). And on the other hand we have democracy, the concept that people have a say in how their community is run. And democracy has won.

I say, this is cause for celebration!

Olympics: Sort of a Greek Crisis

The waiting room of contestants wanting to host the 2024 Olympics is kinda empty…

But the Olympics now consider themselves “in crisis” because there’s only two cities left who want to run the 2024 Olympics: Paris (France) and Los Angeles (US). Frankly, I don’t see why this is a problem. After all, you only need one city to host the whole thing, right?

But alas, it is considered a bit of a blamage for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Ah well, perhaps this means we’ll see a new sort of Olympics. An Olympiade which is not only a sportive festivity, but which also makes sense financially.

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