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Kamergotchi – Politics brought back to the essence by Dutch TV-show

Dutch TV-show “Zondag met Lubach” (whom we all know from the video “Introducing the Netherlands”, which became quite the meme) has managed to bring back politics to its bare essence. Their tool? A mobile game which brings back memories to Good Ole’ Tamagotchi.

Remember that game from the ’90’s? It was a small electronic device you’d have to carry with you, and every now and then it would squeek and you’d have to feed your pet, or play with it or… something else. I don’t recall.

Current Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Liberal Party) is one of the hatchlings in Kamergotchi

Well, now there is Kamer-Gotchi (Chamber-Gotchi, a play of words referring to Parliament), where you must first hatch an egg. Your new pet? One of the leaders of the many Dutch political parties. You could get lucky and hatch your favority political frontrunner. Or you could get a nasty surprise.  Some people get Geert Wilders to raise. Geert Wilders is known as the Dutch far-rightwing candidate.


I decided to give the game a try. Was I hoping for a particular politician? Not really. But getting Sybrand (Buma, Christian Democrats) was a bit dissappointing. Sybrand, IRL, is the archetype old-fashioned politician. He never shouts louder than the rest. Instead, he seems to have cultivated a calm and smooth, sometimes slightly annoying, tone of voice which makes him appear as if he actually thinks about issues, and tries to work towards a solution. Not quite the politician we’re used to since the turn of the century, right? While people like him are needed on the politcal stage, as a character, he is kinda boring.

But alas, I’ve hatched him, so now I am responsible for his well-being.

Kamergotchi teaches us the three needs of politicians

So what exactly does a politician need in order to blossom? Well, according to KamerGotchi, that answer is quite easy to give: he needs food (yes, even politicians eat), he needs attention (lots of it) and he needs a new idea every now and then.

The game turns out to be quite time consuming, just like the original Tamagotchi was. And with the constant notifications, it is quite easy to be distracted from what you should…

one moment…


eh… oh yeah, distracted from what you should be doing. But still, for some silly reason, it is kinda fun. Good thing the elections will be over soon, which should also mean the end of this silly time-wasting game…

Wanna try?

Kamergotchi is available (in Dutch only) here:

Apple Store

Google Play


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