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Is she stealing his man?

It’s not exactly news, but it is new to me: the hypothesis that “Jolene” is actually a song well ahead of its time. I’ve always thought “Jolene” is a song where an insecure woman is begging the Popular Girl (Jolene) to not hit on her guy. Because for Jolene, he’d be just another notch, while for the singer (Dolly Parton) the guy is her true great love.

But then I came across this video which was placed on Youtube (and quite a while ago). And I started to doubt this. Because listen to it. Clearly, it is a guy singing, right? So is this a song about true gay love? Is this a man worried that his great love isn’t entirely sure about his sexuality? A man who fears that he will lose him to a woman named Jolene? Is the man this song is about bi-sexual? I am not sure.

But what I do know, is that I like this interpretation of the song a lot more than the original. And I also wonder, how come there are so few songs about men who love men (or women loving women, although “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse kinda seems to hint at it).

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