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Honoring the Heroes of Portugal

Something terrible is going on in Portugal. Fires. Huge forestfires. It has been described as a huge tragedy. So far, 64 lives have been lost in the inferno. 50 were injured This could have been a lot more, had it not been for the Heroes of Portugal. Just have a look at these pictures.

Exhausted Portuguese firemen taking a break (Photo: PedroBras)

About 1700 firefighters are giving everything they’ve got -and then some- just to make sure the fires won’t branch out. And they’re not succeeding. More and more woods are falling victim to the flames. But do these heroic men and women give up? Hell no. They keep fighting, risking their lifes to ensure people are saved. Some firemen have been seriously injured in the process. And every now and then, they get a small break for a powernap.

One fireman, Pedro Bras, posted some pictures on Facebook last weekend, showing everyday life under these conditions.

These images have gone viral.

The photos show 13 Portuguese firefighters, exhausted, taking a short break. Away from the fires (where it is still hot -and smoky- they found a small patch of grass to lay down.

Exhausted Portuguese firemen taking a break (Photo: PedroBras)

Just take some time to take it in. These are men, who have been working a whole day, then a whole night. And not working like you and me, in the office, where a jammed printer is a disaster. No, they’ve been fighting against HELL.

And their reward: 25 minutes powernap. Not in some big house and with a soft bed, like some overpaid football stars. No. They see a patch of grass and see a luxury sleeping spot. Some even enjoy the “softness” of concrete. And the air does not smell like Airwick. Pedro, on Facebook: “You can see the sky is full of smoke”.

Respeito pelos Bombeiros

When the fight against the fires is so exhausting, even a slab of concrete is a nice bed… (Photo: Respeito pelos Bombeiros)

Many people have expressed their thanks and respect for these Flame Warriors. One facebook-group “Respeito pelos Bombeiros” has posted the image with a simple, yet strong caption:

( 1,87 € hora……….)

Shocking, isn’t it. That these people, who risk everything, are paid less than € 2 per hour…? But at least, they know they’re doing something worthwhile, and something which is greatly appreciated.

I hope I will never be in a situation where I need to be grateful for the efforts of these guys, but if this were to happen around here, I am going to do whatever I can to support these guys, in any way possible.

True heroes

These guys are the true heroes. Not the people we see on TV. Not politicians. Not celebrities. These guys.

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