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The Frindividual – My manifest

I am a frindividual, and this is my manifest.


I am free in my thinking, free in my opinion. I strive to achieve this freedom with every field of my live. I aim to form my opinion based on facts, and all possible perspectives. I will not rush along with the crowd, but I will take a step back and think about whether I agree with what’s going on. I will think about how I feel about it.

I take for granted the right of others to form their own opinions in their own way.


I believe in being friendly to one another. Whether you are my closest buddy, or someone I strongly disagree with. The world is too small to be filled with hatred. Instead, a Frindividual chooses to fill it with compassion, friendliness and respect.

While this may, at times, be a difficult misison, I will always try to remain as nice as I possibly can.


I am an individual. I am not a number, nor just a consumer. I like the things I like (See: Free), I do the things I do. Sometimes I like what others like, sometimes I have a passion for something nobody cares about. That’s all good, because I am an individual, just like everybody else.

This is my manifest, upon which this blog is based. And while this blog is originally intended to serve as my own personal platform, I welcome those who would like to join, provided they can subscribe to the values upon this blog is was based.

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