Not giving a fuck anymore (well, less anyway)

It’s been quiet here for the last few days. Those things happen. Things were hectic. My contract has been terminated, so I need to start looking for something new. And then there is all that other stuff going around. Relatives in the hospital, world politics that are freaking me out. And of course, that whole HSP thing. I am trying to figure out if I might *really* be HSP, but there’s just too many stimuli going around, driving me mad… but in the midst of it all,  I read a book, which I’d like to mention, because it’s just so fucking awesome!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

The book is titled “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”, and was written by Mark Manson. It was published last year, and has gotten some raving reviews (I suppose Mark Manson doesn’t give a fuck, but you probably do). On Amazon, it got 1000+ reviews, averaging 4,6/5 stars (with only a few hating the book). Frankly, the low number of haters surprises me, because Mark Manson is quite the potty mouth. There’s a lot of “fuck”  in this book, not just in the title, and Mark Manson is, indeed, a bit of a nut job. But hey, he acknowledges it and continues to do his thing, because he just doesn’t give a fuck.

So is this book a guide to being a sick psychopath? Nope. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” has been described as the ultimate self-help book for those who hate self-help books. And it truly is. Because Manson, despite not giving a fuck, finds the right tone of voice to appeal to the audience which gets sick and tired of all those positivity gurus, of all those “learn to love yourself”-evangelists. Who get tired of all those self-improvement books which promise you will have found happiness on the last page. That kind of books are rubbish. They are. Because really, does anyone believe -really believe- that you can fix your trouble just by listening to someone else? Does anyone really think there’s a shortcut to happiness? If there was, wouldn’t humanity have found it a couple of millenia before? Because the way I see it, “How do I find happiness” has been the essential question ever since some silly monkey climbed down his tree.

Simple lessons, hard to execute

Manson gets rid of all the bullshit. And he gets down to it. He does so in the kind of language you wouldn’t expect in a book. In a bar, yes. Usually, you’d talk with your mates like this. But written…oooh boy, that’s something else. But hey, guess what? It resonates.

His lessons are pretty simple: figure out what is worth to give a fuck about, and don’t bother about the rest. That’s basically what it boils down to. Of course, there’s some complications when you try to do this, but this is the main point of the book. We have a limited amount of fucks to give about things, so let’s focus them on what matters. To us. Just live a life YOU find worthwhile, living according values which YOU think KNOW to be true values. Not the superficial ones like “I want a good job”. Not the underlying value like “I want to have a secure income” or “I want to take care of my family”, but the one underneath all those. The thing which REALLY drives you, is often the thing you never really thought about.

So now what?

Do I know what to do now? No, I do not. Manson is pretty straight forward about this. He says to just “DO SOMETHING”, and this will help you find the next step. So I guess that this is what I’m gonna be doing next. So I’ve lost my job. Too bad, but it’s what it is. I’m gonna find something else, I guess. But in the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy myself. And while doing so, I’m gonna grow. Fuckit!


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