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Eating your game – not a very yummy game (Nintendo Switch)

I may not be a writer for Michelin. I may also not be a very renown restaurant reviewer. But I think I’m able to write something about how stuff tastes. But sometimes, even I am lost for words. I am talking about the taste experience of Nintendo Switch.Nintendo? Is that a restaurant? A meal? I thought it was a manufacturer of game consoles and games. Well… yes. But why would one not be able to eat a video game? I mean, people sometimes bet on something saying “If <this-or-that>, I will eat my hat”. And a Nintendo Switch cartridge sure is smaller than your hat. So why not eat it?

Yeah, I know. It sounds like a stupid thing. And I haven’t done it. If not for any other reason, I don’t eat them because I can’t afford them. But as it seems, eating Nintendo Switch cartridges has become quite a thing recently. Or not, but if it isn’t, I really don’t know why it has featured in an episode of FBE (a youtube channel) “Youtubers respond to…”

Nintendo Switch cartridge tastes disgusting – It makes perfect sense

So, according to Nintendo, they intentionally coated all the cartridges with some coating which is supposed to taste horribly. Why? Well… because they are tiny, and Nintendo wants to make sure that small children (who have this tendency to put stuff in their mouth) don’t accidently swallow the cartridge. So it’s a way of ensuring their product doesn’t cause harm.

Why are people trying them?

Why people taste the Nintendo Switch cartridge

Why on earth would anyone eat their (expensive) game? There’s a few theories. One girl proposed that perhaps someone was trying to switch cartridges but needed an extra hand. So, they just put a cartridge in their mouth for a moment… and then discovered the disgusting taste: “Dude, you got to try this…”

But frankly, I think something else happened. I guess that some child grabbed a cartridge and put it in the mouth. And then discovered how disgusting it was. Which probably made an adult laugh out really loud. And then the adult was like “Nah, surely it ain’t that bad” *lick* “Oh crap, it IS that bad”. Or something like that.

Wanna try? Lick your Nintendo Switch

Some of the people who responded stated that they are getting curious and get tempted to taste it themselves. I must confess, I am getting curious as well. But I don’t think I should do this to myself. How about you?



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