Chosing the path of the Weakling – being sick (day 3) – when it hits you

Man, the walls are coming at me. I am going mad. And when I think about work piling up and the effort it will take to get rid of the backlog… I’d get sick again just by thinking about it.

Luckily, tomorrow is my weekly day-off. I always use that to get rid of the usual backlog. So the pile won’t grow then.

It hits me

Wait a second. Did I just really say that out loud? I use my free day to get rid of the work I couldn’t get done on monday-wednesday. Like…every week? No wonder I am starting to get exhausted. They just force me to do too much in the week.

Well, that will have to end.

Starting to feel better

On the bright side, I am starting to feel better again. So I am giving a call and tell them my sickleave ends today. Back to work I go. But I will definately work less than I have grown used to.

After all, I started working less to get free time, not to…work…

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