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Chosing the Path of the Weakling (5): Talking with the boss


Manager (Photo: Pixabay)

I spoke with my manager today.

Actually, this is one of the first times I spoke to this one, because where I work, managers come and go. I just didn’t see the point in investing time and energy in getting to know yet another passerby. But this was a conversation we had to have. So I gathered all the courage and drank some coffee for much needed energy and went to his office. I asked him if he had some time, and he provided a few timeslots which were rather impossible to me.

My face must have expressed my dissappointment. He glanced at me. And while our earlier interactions were not very smooth, apparently he saw something and made some time for me. Actually moving another meeting.

The talk

We talked. I honestly confessed to being a weakling. Well, not really, but that is what it felt like saying that the expectations of my performance are too high. We then spent about half an hour looking at my tasks, seeing which could be removed. I also spilt all the beans about the things which have been bothering me with the company. I was surprised myself how many issues I mentioned which I *thought* I had accepted. Guess not.

We agreed to a less demanding workload. I hope it is going to work out…. for the remainder of my contract. Because I don’t expect my contract to be extended after this episode. And quite frankly, I am not entirely sure if I am sorry about it. It is time for me to look beyond the walls of this office.

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