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Why Oprah isn’t ready to be president

Yesterday, Oprah Winfrey accepted the Golden Globe Award. An award she should have won years ago. When accepting, she gave a speech in which [...]

The King who wanted it all

Once upon a time, there was a king named Antonio I. He ruled over a kingdom as far as the eye could see, and beyond. 743 million people live [...]

G20: Hamburg under siege

Back in 2003 I worked for The Wilderness Society, an Australian organization protecting natural areas. As you may imagine, this was a pretty [...]

An open letter to all terrorists

Notice: this open letter contains language which some may feel is NSFW or inappropriate. [...]

Nominating James Comey for Man of the Month

Now here’s a man with principles: James Comey’s, (former) head of the FBI gave Donald Trump the proverbial finger when The Presi [...]

Mi Bubble es su Bubble…swapping information bubble

Since the rise to power of Donald J. Trump, we’ve all gotten acquainted to fake news and to “information bubbles”. Well, I [...]

Syria: Being friendly has been a challenge the last few days.

I can’t. I just can’t do it anymore. I’ve spentĀ  the last few days frantically NOT writing about tihs topic, but it is ea [...]

Save the Meme!

Horrifying! Just horrifying! The European Commission is about to introduce new legislation to ensure nobody violates copyright. They intend [...]

London… really?

I guess we’ve all heard the news by now. I mean, it’s been 24 hours. And we’ve even got a copycat in Antwerp. But yes, som [...]

The electoral gap

We’ve got elections coming up. Some people use online “voting tools” to help them figure out what to vote. You know, you a [...]

A political witch-hunt?

It would appear that the Age of Trump has brought upon us a Witchhunt. No, I do not mean that Trump is hunting Mexicans. Nor do I mean he [...]

Kamergotchi – Politics brought back to the essence by Dutch TV-show

Dutch TV-show “Zondag met Lubach” (whom we all know from the video “Introducing the Netherlands”, which became quite [...]
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