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This read is going to make you itch: Demodex

As I was randomly surfing websites today, clicking link upon link, I came upon an article about Demodex follicorum and Demodex Brevis. It wa [...]

An open letter to all terrorists

Notice: this open letter contains language which some may feel is NSFW or inappropriate. [...]

EMP: William R. Forstchen giving us a wake up call

EMP might be the biggest threat to our society. But for some reason, we never ever hear about it. William R. Forstchen, who has a Phd in mil [...]

I choose Pussy over Pain (should-be-SFW)

You may have seen this thing on Facebook. Although…probably you haven’t. But I choose Pussy over Pain. Just like this B… s [...]

True self?

Today is the day before Good Friday. Man, how time flies. 4 Whole days where the office is closed. It is not often you get this luxury: no e [...]

Mi Bubble es su Bubble…swapping information bubble

Since the rise to power of Donald J. Trump, we’ve all gotten acquainted to fake news and to “information bubbles”. Well, I [...]

Silently saying “Namasté”

Namasté Ever since I first tried meditating, I’ve been using Namasté as a greeting when I felt it would be acceptable. I just like t [...]

Chosing the Path of the Weakling (5): Talking with the boss

I spoke with my manager today. Actually, this is one of the first times I spoke to this one, because where I work, managers come and go. I j [...]

Chosing the path of the weakling

Today, I did something out of the ordinary. Something which I could not imagine doing. Something I haven’t done in years. And I was pr [...]

Consumer Adventure: my first visit to Ikea

In my country, Ikea is a pretty big name. The company itself boasts that there is at least one Ikea item in every household. And I confess, [...]
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