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Silently saying “Namasté”

Namasté Ever since I first tried meditating, I’ve been using Namasté as a greeting when I felt it would be acceptable. I just like t [...]

If I were you….

We all know… We all know these moments when a friend is in need. An unfortunate love life, a career not heading the way they want it t [...]

Facebooks’ Suicide prevention algorithm – some thoughts

Media published reports a few days ago about Facebook wanting to monitor messages and using Artificial Intelligence to identify users at ris [...]

Searching for joy

It’s been a rough week for me. One in which I not only discovered I am on the wrong track, but also made a first, risky, move to recti [...]

Chosing the Path of the Weakling (4) – Back to work

Today, I went back to work. Strangely enough, from the moment I sent the mail, and phoned in to say I was coming back, my stomach has been r [...]

Chosing the path of the Weakling – being sick (day 3) – when it hits you

Man, the walls are coming at me. I am going mad. And when I think about work piling up and the effort it will take to get rid of the backlog [...]

Chosing the path of the Weakling – being sick (day 2)

OK, so yesterday, I surrendered and finally listened to the demands my body was making. Should have done that a lot earlier, actually. Now, [...]

Chosing the path of the weakling

Today, I did something out of the ordinary. Something which I could not imagine doing. Something I haven’t done in years. And I was pr [...]

Being normal – does it make sense at all?

Today, I came across this image on the web aptly describing what “being normal” often comes down to. If you can’t see it, [...]
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