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Sandbox 2.0 – jawdropping, but old news

The sandbox will never be the same again! You know I like to just visit random websites, right? Well, today I came across a video which̷ [...]

Save the Meme!

Horrifying! Just horrifying! The European Commission is about to introduce new legislation to ensure nobody violates copyright. They intend [...]

Five pointers for Fiverr: How to be madly successful on Fiverr is a good place to make money. But it is also a place of fierce competition. So how can you make sure you stand out from the crow [...]

How to select my next holiday destination: Instagrammability

It’s been spring for almost a week now, and I am SO enjoying it. But it’s also time to prepare for what’s coming next. Bec [...]

What if Prof. Robert Kelly were Roberta Kelly?

I guess by now everyone has seen the viral video of an interview with professor Robert Kelly being interrupted by his kid walking into the o [...]

Tested: Sid Meiers’ Civilization VI

Sid Meier. If you don’t know the name…shame on you. But if you grew up in the ’90s and loved playing the Civilization game [...]

Most useless invention ever: PetChatz

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that you shouldn’t have a pet (or kids, for that matter) if you don’t have the time to prop [...]

Wings – a trip down memory lane

When I was about 11 years old, I bought my first computer. An old fashioned Commodore 64. A few years later,  I had saved enough money from [...]

Eating your game – not a very yummy game (Nintendo Switch)

I may not be a writer for Michelin. I may also not be a very renown restaurant reviewer. But I think I’m able to write something about [...]

Weirdest Western ever

Back in the ole Days, Westerns really were a thing. But sadly, the really good ones are a thing of the past. Sure, there has been a few atte [...]

Facebooks’ Suicide prevention algorithm – some thoughts

Media published reports a few days ago about Facebook wanting to monitor messages and using Artificial Intelligence to identify users at ris [...]

You’re a troll

Am I talking about you? Yes, I am. Chances are you are actually an internet troll. And so am I. Or at least, that’s what research done [...]
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