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The world is less than a week old

Today is Tuesday. That means the world is five days old. It also means we have two more days until the world, and the Universe ends. At leas [...]

Woman makes complete fool of herself fighting non-existant taboo (mensturation)

English tabloid the Daily Mail has applauded a woman from Tucson, Arizona, for “making a powerful point against the taboo”. Howe [...]

Why I haven’t commented on your blogpost…

I am a vivid reader of blogs. And considering I am the kind of guy with an opinion, I like to respond by leaving comments (try it, it’ [...]

The Death of Tinder

A few years ago, a (female) friend told me how she met “the love of her life”: Tinder. I was surprised to hear this from her, be [...]

Vegan thinks she knows why people hate her, she’s wrong

A few days ago, Alex Miles posted a blog on Elephant Journal called “The Underlying Reason Why People Hate Vegans”. In it, she c [...]

This video by TEDed will change the way you perceive…anything

The people of TEDed often share with us very informative and interesting videos. Today, I came across the video about the concept “Orw [...]

Bathing suit: Woman with hair on her chest

Not too long ago, I shared my surprise about a special kind of underwear being popular in Asia. But as it turns out, that camel-toe garment [...]

Donald Trump is awesome

Fake news? Real news? It’s huge! It’s great! It’s covfefe! It’s Donald Trump on a roll! [...]

I need dancing lessons from this guy…

I stumbled upon this video by a dude calling himself “NONSTOP”. The start is kinda boring, but the fun starts quite quickly when [...]

Fun on ladders

I have a ladder in my shed. I use it a few times per year. Mostly for cleaning the windows. But apparently, you can do so much more with a l [...]

Petition to ban chemical

I found this on an obscure website, and also seen happening on Facebook. Worthwhile to remember… [...]

Phage Wars: Be a bacterium

Has it been your long time dream to be a bacterium? A virus? A phage? Well, it wasn’t mine either, but with this game I just discovere [...]
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