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Forgiveness – a strong lesson from Lexington

I don’t know about you guys, but I would definately not be able to do this. Such strength, such compassion… The video shows part [...]

Small actions make a big difference

I was at a meeting for a charity I am involved with. A keynote speaker told us about all sorts of actions taken by individuals. Afterwards, [...]

This video by TEDed will change the way you perceive…anything

The people of TEDed often share with us very informative and interesting videos. Today, I came across the video about the concept “Orw [...]

Zen Highway

Have you ever realized that the highway isn’t as horrible as many seem to think? Road Rage is a pretty well-known concept, but today, [...]

Petition to ban chemical

I found this on an obscure website, and also seen happening on Facebook. Worthwhile to remember… [...]

I choose Pussy over Pain (should-be-SFW)

You may have seen this thing on Facebook. Although…probably you haven’t. But I choose Pussy over Pain. Just like this B… s [...]

Not giving a fuck anymore (well, less anyway)

It’s been quiet here for the last few days. Those things happen. Things were hectic. My contract has been terminated, so I need to sta [...]

A simple guide to life

Life is hard. Life is difficult. But when you reduce it to its’ essence, it really isn’t that hard or difficult.  Just have a l [...]

A matter of perspective

The other day, I was visiting a social event, and I met a guy who had been in an accident as a kid. I won’t go into all the details, b [...]

Science presents: the key to Happiness

If there is one thing all of us are looking for, it is probably this intangible concept called “Happiness”. Finding happiness is [...]

Happy World Happiness Day (feat. Pharell)

Any excuse for a party, right? And what better excuse to party than Happiness? Today, March 20th, is World Happiness Day. At least, accordin [...]

A musical reminder

The other day, a friend of mine who’s going through a rough time went to a spiritual-minded seminar. When she came home, she shared a [...]
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