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The King who wanted it all

Once upon a time, there was a king named Antonio I. He ruled over a kingdom as far as the eye could see, and beyond. 743 million people live [...]

The world is less than a week old

Today is Tuesday. That means the world is five days old. It also means we have two more days until the world, and the Universe ends. At leas [...]

Chickens are awesome!

About 10 years ago, I spent my summer holiday working in a chicken farm. I learned that chickens are actually pretty awesome. Nowadays, I ow [...]

Bathing suit: Woman with hair on her chest

Not too long ago, I shared my surprise about a special kind of underwear being popular in Asia. But as it turns out, that camel-toe garment [...]

Petition to ban chemical

I found this on an obscure website, and also seen happening on Facebook. Worthwhile to remember… [...]

Overly sexual: cameltoe and underwear

So, before the sixties, sexuality was a bad thing. Then came the Sexual Revolution, where we went to the other extreme. And now, we live in [...]

Whose job is it?

Ever heard the story of the four people? I’ve read it before, and have heard it told before. Several times, actually. And today, it po [...]

What if Prof. Robert Kelly were Roberta Kelly?

I guess by now everyone has seen the viral video of an interview with professor Robert Kelly being interrupted by his kid walking into the o [...]
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