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G20: Hamburg under siege

Back in 2003 I worked for The Wilderness Society, an Australian organization protecting natural areas. As you may imagine, this was a pretty [...]

I used to be an enthusiastic AirBnB host. Now…less so

A few years ago, I began as a host with AirBnB. This company is now known as “the biggest hotel of the world, without a single bedR [...]

Will you join?

At this moment, I – Jerry – do all the writing here. But really, it’d be so much more fun if I had others to play with. So [...]

Honoring the Heroes of Portugal

Something terrible is going on in Portugal. Fires. Huge forestfires. It has been described as a huge tragedy. So far, 64 lives have been los [...]

An open letter to all terrorists

Notice: this open letter contains language which some may feel is NSFW or inappropriate. [...]

Overly sexual: cameltoe and underwear

So, before the sixties, sexuality was a bad thing. Then came the Sexual Revolution, where we went to the other extreme. And now, we live in [...]

Spring: because it is my favourite season

Favoritism. It is very much frowned upon when it concerns your offspring. Parents are supposed to love all their children equally. I dare no [...]

Most useless invention ever: PetChatz

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that you shouldn’t have a pet (or kids, for that matter) if you don’t have the time to prop [...]

A political witch-hunt?

It would appear that the Age of Trump has brought upon us a Witchhunt. No, I do not mean that Trump is hunting Mexicans. Nor do I mean he [...]

Olympics in Crisis – crossroads to a new beginnings?

Aaah, the Olympics. A few weeks where nothing happens in the world but sports. At least, in the media. Even though I don’t actually ca [...]

The Frindividual – My manifest

I am a frindividual, and this is my manifest. Free I am free in my thinking, free in my opinion. I strive to achieve this freedom with every [...]
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