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Yet another “Sound of Silence” post

I know, I know… I already posted in May about a new version of “The Sound of Silence” (by Disturbed), saying how it was so [...]

Chickens are awesome!

About 10 years ago, I spent my summer holiday working in a chicken farm. I learned that chickens are actually pretty awesome. Nowadays, I ow [...]

Donald Trump is awesome

Fake news? Real news? It’s huge! It’s great! It’s covfefe! It’s Donald Trump on a roll! [...]

Just clowning around

I really shouldn’t make a habit out of this, you know…just dumping youtube clips here. Yesterday I posted that amazing dancer, t [...]

I need dancing lessons from this guy…

I stumbled upon this video by a dude calling himself “NONSTOP”. The start is kinda boring, but the fun starts quite quickly when [...]

The Sound of Silence – then and now

Back in 1964, a couple of guys made a song in which they criticized society for remaining silent in the light of capitalism and exploitation [...]

Is she stealing his man?

It’s not exactly news, but it is new to me: the hypothesis that “Jolene” is actually a song well ahead of its time. [...]
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