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Five pointers for Fiverr: How to be madly successful on Fiverr is a good place to make money. But it is also a place of fierce competition. So how can you make sure you stand out from the crowd, and become a succesfull seller on Fiverr? Based on my experience as a buyer (and seller) I will present you with some great, and easy, tips to become more successful on rhis online platform.


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What is Fiverr.

First things first… Ever heard of Fiverr? No? Well, Fiverr is a website where buyers and sellers of services can get together and purchase or sell stuff, in principle for a Fiverr (US$5). It’s not like though. No secondhand bicycles or cars. No, this is a place for freelancers. Webdesigners, graphical designers, writers…all kinds of creative souls who sell something which can be delivered online. I’ve even learned it is possible to get a healing through Fiverr, where the seller meditates in order to cleanse your body from negative energies and entities. I was told he actually does quite well.

How to be successful on Fiverr

I have used Fiverr as a buyer a few times. For instance the cartoon you see on the lefthandside of this website was purchased for $5 from Fiverr. As a buyer, I have noticed that there’s a few really simple things you can do to really stand out from the crowd.

1) Read the request

Sometimes, people will go to Fiverr and search for a specific type of task to be done. They may even approach you out of the blue. But most of the time, people will post a “Request” on the site. In the Request, they will tell you what they are looking for, what budget they have available and everything else they think you should know.

Whether they’ve approached you with a question, or whether you are responding to a request make sure you actually READ the info they have provided. This may sound like a no-brainer, but most reactions I get to requests are clearly from people who are mass spamming. For instance, I have had a small task and said I had $10 to spend (and no more). You’d expect that this would result in offers at, or below $10. And I did indeed get some of those. But I’ve also had offers for the same gig where the seller says it will cost $ 250. If he had just read the thing, he’d have known there was no point in responding.

Or I say I need it done before date X, and the first thing they ask is:  “when will you need it? “.

I even had a situation where the seller who got the job spent a lot of time doing stuff I never asked him to do (nor wanted) and not doing what he was hired to do…


Work anywhere, anytime, with Fiverr (Photo: Pixabay)

2) Ask questions

Don’t just send an offer to a buyer when he has given you a short description of what he needs. Instead, ask questions. Don’t assume he’s told you all you need to know. Because you are the expert, the buyer is not. So how could the buyer possible know all the intricacies of the task? How can he know exactly what he needs to tell you? You’re the expert, so it is your job to ask the right questions. As a seller, I’ve been in a conversation with a buyer about some blogs he needed written. At one point, I informed him that I thought that perhaps I wouldn’t be the right guy for the job. In the conversation following, he pursuaded me to give it a shot, and it ended up to be one of my bigger gigs. And I got some good reviews too. Don’t rush to close the deal. Take your time to figure out what the buyer wants. Because if you don’t, you will not be able to deliver value. And that will result in an angry buyer, a possible refund, and a negative review.

3) Don’t be pushy

Also, it is good to not be pushy. I once placed a Request which resulted in about 50 reactions within a 12-hour period. I told all the responding Sellers that I was going to need some time to work through my mail. Some responded saying they understood and would wait patiently. Others responded asking me… “When do we start”. Now, that is a response I really am not looking for if I just told you I need some time to make a selection. I have also had people who asked me the same question twice a day.

Really, don’t be pushy. It’s not very professional. If the buyer tells you they will need at least until monday to get a first selection round done, don’t bother them on sunday. It’s not very respectful. It is pushy. It looks desperate. Don’t do that. Respect your client.


Somewhere, someone is waiting to work for you on Fiverr… (Photo:

4) Deliver on time

This one is really simple. If I hire you because you promise to have it done by friday, have it done by friday. No excuses. As a seller, I once was in a conversation with a buyer about a text he wanted done. I told him I could probably have it done in three days, but that I’d send him an offer with a 4-day period, just in case. When I made the offer, I made an error, resulting in a 24-hour period to get the gig done, instead of four days. Oops. Once accepted, it is a contract with the buyer. So you deliver. It cost me a few hours of sleep, but I did deliver as promised.

5) Deliver what you should deliver

Just as simpel as the one above. Do what you have been hired to do. I once had a webdeveloper who promised to setup a template which would meet a list of requirements. I think the list was about 15 requirements long. He met one of those requirements. And frankly, I think it was by accident…. I also had a security guy once, who was going to make a site malware proof. When he was “done” I asked him what actions he had taken. He provided a list, including the installation of a certain plugin. Sadly for him, I already HAD that plugin installed even before he got started. And that plugin provided evidence that he had not actually done a single thing on the list.

On the other hand, the guy who did the cartoon visible to your left promised to make a simple cartoon based on a photo. He also said he’d charge extra to have some minor changes. I informed him I’d love the extra’s, but I just didn’t have the money. He ended up making the cartoon as ordered, with the added extras free of charge.

I’ll leave it up to your imagination how many stars (out of 5) he got on his review.

Yes, it really is that simple

These are five really easy pointers which will help you to become succesful. Fiverr is a bit WildWest, there’s sellers up there who just don’t have a clue. Sellers, also, who provide a service which anyone with access to Google could easily do. Some logodesigners, for instance, just use free online tools to create a generic logo, without any originality. Some sellers are disrespectful. And sadly, many sellers just don’t have any expertise.

So if you want to be succesfull on Fiverr, all you need to do is:

  • know your stuff
  • be professional
  • do what you agreed to do.

Being successful on Fiverr is that simple. Really.


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    good article! i havent been successfull lately will try these tips hopefully it works,Thank you

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    I use Fiverr sometimes to get some of the things done and their support is extremely Good!

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    Great text, I adore this website ;))

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