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Bathing suit: Woman with hair on her chest

Not too long ago, I shared my surprise about a special kind of underwear being popular in Asia. But as it turns out, that camel-toe garment isn’t the last in a series of “odd fashion”. How about THIS?

Hairy Bathing suit (Photo: Beloved Shirts)

I was randomly surfing the web a bit last night when I came across a picture. At first, I didn’t even notice what I was looking at. I clicked a link and then suddenly thought: “Wait..whut?!?” I went back to the page before and there it was: the strangest bathing suit ever.

Just imagine, going to the beach, hoping to catch some sun, surf some waves and engage in smalltalk with some gorgeous women. Perhaps even get a phone-number. Your eye falls upon a beautiful young woman, and you adress her. She turns around, a smile so bright it makes you happy you’re wearing sunglasses. And then she wears this…

I don’t know, but I don’t see them adopting this as the new Baywatch-uniform.

On the other hand… I got to admit: this is funny. And it made me visit their website, which has a lot of ridiculous -but fun- items.



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