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Vegan thinks she knows why people hate her, she’s wrong

A few days ago, Alex Miles posted a blog on Elephant Journal called “The Underlying Reason Why People Hate Vegans”. In it, she c [...]

Amazing! Spiders have pets!

I learned something new today. Something which totally baffled me. I learned that spiders (which I kinda see as “pets”) actually [...]

G20: Hamburg under siege

Back in 2003 I worked for The Wilderness Society, an Australian organization protecting natural areas. As you may imagine, this was a pretty [...]

I used to be an enthusiastic AirBnB host. Now…less so

A few years ago, I began as a host with AirBnB. This company is now known as “the biggest hotel of the world, without a single bedR [...]

Will you join?

At this moment, I – Jerry – do all the writing here. But really, it’d be so much more fun if I had others to play with. So [...]

This video by TEDed will change the way you perceive…anything

The people of TEDed often share with us very informative and interesting videos. Today, I came across the video about the concept “Orw [...]

Honoring the Heroes of Portugal

Something terrible is going on in Portugal. Fires. Huge forestfires. It has been described as a huge tragedy. So far, 64 lives have been los [...]

Zen Highway

Have you ever realized that the highway isn’t as horrible as many seem to think? Road Rage is a pretty well-known concept, but today, [...]

Bathing suit: Woman with hair on her chest

Not too long ago, I shared my surprise about a special kind of underwear being popular in Asia. But as it turns out, that camel-toe garment [...]

An open letter to all terrorists

Notice: this open letter contains language which some may feel is NSFW or inappropriate. [...]

Donald Trump is awesome

Fake news? Real news? It’s huge! It’s great! It’s covfefe! It’s Donald Trump on a roll! [...]
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