This read is going to make you itch: Demodex

As I was randomly surfing websites today, clicking link upon link, I came upon an article about Demodex follicorum and Demodex Brevis. It wa [...]

Woman makes complete fool of herself fighting non-existant taboo (mensturation)

English tabloid the Daily Mail has applauded a woman from Tucson, Arizona, for “making a powerful point against the taboo”. Howe [...]

Yet another “Sound of Silence” post

I know, I know… I already posted in May about a new version of “The Sound of Silence” (by Disturbed), saying how it was so [...]

The mindset fallacy – Positive thoughts do NOT make you rich…

I’ve been an avid reader of self-help books, such as the books “The Cashflow Quadrant” or “Rich dad, poor dad” [...]

Why I haven’t commented on your blogpost…

I am a vivid reader of blogs. And considering I am the kind of guy with an opinion, I like to respond by leaving comments (try it, it’ [...]

The Death of Tinder

A few years ago, a (female) friend told me how she met “the love of her life”: Tinder. I was surprised to hear this from her, be [...]

Chickens are awesome!

About 10 years ago, I spent my summer holiday working in a chicken farm. I learned that chickens are actually pretty awesome. Nowadays, I ow [...]

Vegan thinks she knows why people hate her, she’s wrong

A few days ago, Alex Miles posted a blog on Elephant Journal called “The Underlying Reason Why People Hate Vegans”. In it, she c [...]

Amazing! Spiders have pets!

I learned something new today. Something which totally baffled me. I learned that spiders (which I kinda see as “pets”) actually [...]

G20: Hamburg under siege

Back in 2003 I worked for The Wilderness Society, an Australian organization protecting natural areas. As you may imagine, this was a pretty [...]

I used to be an enthusiastic AirBnB host. Now…less so

A few years ago, I began as a host with AirBnB. This company is now known as “the biggest hotel of the world, without a single bedR [...]

Will you join?

At this moment, I – Jerry – do all the writing here. But really, it’d be so much more fun if I had others to play with. So [...]
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