Honoring the Heroes of Portugal

Something terrible is going on in Portugal. Fires. Huge forestfires. It has been described as a huge tragedy. So far, 64 lives have been los [...]

Zen Highway

Have you ever realized that the highway isn’t as horrible as many seem to think? Road Rage is a pretty well-known concept, but today, [...]

Bathing suit: Woman with hair on her chest

Not too long ago, I shared my surprise about a special kind of underwear being popular in Asia. But as it turns out, that camel-toe garment [...]

An open letter to all terrorists

Notice: this open letter contains language which some may feel is NSFW or inappropriate. [...]

Donald Trump is awesome

Fake news? Real news? It’s huge! It’s great! It’s covfefe! It’s Donald Trump on a roll! [...]

Just clowning around

I really shouldn’t make a habit out of this, you know…just dumping youtube clips here. Yesterday I posted that amazing dancer, t [...]

I need dancing lessons from this guy…

I stumbled upon this video by a dude calling himself “NONSTOP”. The start is kinda boring, but the fun starts quite quickly when [...]

Being a bad friend to brands

The other day, I read an essay on marketing and branding. The author mentioned a concept called “Emotional Brand Attachment”, wh [...]

The Sound of Silence – then and now

Back in 1964, a couple of guys made a song in which they criticized society for remaining silent in the light of capitalism and exploitation [...]

Fun on ladders

I have a ladder in my shed. I use it a few times per year. Mostly for cleaning the windows. But apparently, you can do so much more with a l [...]

Nominating James Comey for Man of the Month

Now here’s a man with principles: James Comey’s, (former) head of the FBI gave Donald Trump the proverbial finger when The Presi [...]

EMP: William R. Forstchen giving us a wake up call

EMP might be the biggest threat to our society. But for some reason, we never ever hear about it. William R. Forstchen, who has a Phd in mil [...]
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